Written and prepared by: Amito Kevin, Volunteers Mentor

Africa is the second largest continent and holds a very special fascination for visitors. With 54 countries, it is an extremely diverse country that has ecosystems from deserts to lush rainforests, from fascinating coastal areas to high snowcapped mountains. While many people still think of it as an exotic location, the continent is becoming more and more accessible for tourists and volunteers.

But Africa is not only an amazing tourist destination. It is also a place where your contributions will have an impact on the people you work with and on yourself when you decide to volunteer there. In this article, I have put together some important reason why you should volunteer in Africa/Obiya palaro Gulu.

St. Mauritz Obiya palaro in Gulu Uganda is one of the Catholic Parish in Gulu Archdiocese in Uganda with different projects for example Health Centre, Primary School, Kindergarten/Nursery School, youth project and also women project of local saving. The Parish cooperates with the Diocese of Munster in supporting volunteer work at the project site in Uganda.

 Currently we have two volunteers Johann and Ida from Munster who are working in our project and their stay has made an impact to the community of Obiya Palaro especially among the children. 

Make a Positive Impact

Obiya palaro is a beautiful place for sure. But it is also true that people within obiya palaro face issues like poverty, undernourishment, and access to quality education. A lot of improvements have occurred in the last years, but there is still a lot to do.

If you approach your volunteer work in Africa/obiya palaro with a learning mindset and are willing to exchange knowledge your work can have a real impact in the project you are volunteering with as well as on yourself. Whether you are still in school or you have a very specific skill set you can help plenty of programs and meet incredible people along the way.

By finding a reputable program to volunteer with you can make a positive impact on projects, people and wildlife.

 Diversity in opportunities.

Do you want to work with children? There are projects from in the primary school and kindergarten, youth project.  Are you interested in volunteer work in the health Centre? You can find programs for many health and medical interests in obiya palaro. Are you interested to work with women?  You can find programs for the women groups within obiya palaro.