The project started humbly in August 2019 to help the patients, pupils, staff and community of Obiya Palaro to have access to their basic needs. Its progressing slowly but with continuous community awareness it will develop and have an impact in the community.

In Obiya Palaro at a first glance one might tend to overlook the need for a retail shop, but on reflection I think most people would agree that the shop is one of the most important parts of hospital, school and work place life.  In this post I will consider ways in which obiya palaro shop project play indispensable roles in the life and operative of schools, hospitals and workplace.  

The staff, pupils, and community purchase items in the shop every day.  Since the staff cannot leave the work place during the day they constitute a captive market for shop/canteen operator or attendant. Shops can be pleasant spaces which contribute to the development of Obiya Palaro since the staff, patients and people from community access the services.

Shops provide services that make it easier for customers to buy and use products. The shop display products so that consumers can see and test them. Obiya palaro shop project is providing services to the staff, patients and community people of which they appreciate it since they were moving some distances to look for the basic items.

Future plan is also to boost with a canteen project which can be helpful to staff, patients and also to the community people who would wish to have the services for the canteen.