The new ward at St. Mauritz Health Centre II

The new general ward at St. Mauritz Health Centre II Obiya Palaro village, Iriaga parish, constructed with the help of German foundation was opened on the 18thMarch 2019.

From the 18thto the 31stof March we admitted 50 patients, i.e. 39 were children and 11 adults. From the 1stto the 27thof April we admitted 57 patients, i.e. 40 children and 17 adults.

There is increase in the number of patients being admitted in the ward, especially children, because of the quick services offered. This attracts more mothers to bring their children.

The ward is also run 24 hours with staffs full time on duty. Patients are being monitored closely by the ward nurses. Patients complaints are attended to as fast as they arise and this attracts more patients to come to the facility hence increase in the number of patients.

The ward is always clean and this also brings more patients.

Not forgetting the hard work of our administrator Rev. Fr. Cyprian Odongo. He is also sensitizing the communities around to utilise the services at St. Mauritz and this has also led to the increase of patients.

Nevertheless, there are some challenges which me and my staffs are facing at the moment. For example, our power supply still relies on the grid, which often leads to blackouts. Another problem is the incomplete equipment. But we are looking forward to solving these problems step by step and develop the new general ward in a postive way.

Abur Agnes (In-Charge General Ward)