We can still have Christmas: Obiya Palaro giving food items to the needy


As thousands of People in Uganda have been pushed in to poverty by the pandemic, obiya palaro implemented a village Christmas visit to 80 needy persons in the villages of palaro, Iriaga East, Iriaga Central, Lawiyedul, Bwobo, Unyama, Akonyibedo Bucoro, Awic and Kinene.

Christmas is a joyous time. It is accompanied by Christmas trees, Christmas carols, Christmas gifts and other activities. Many people (over thousands) have not had the opportunity to hear of Christ’s coming for even one time in their lives but due to the village Christmas visit by Project Officer of St. Mauritz Catholic Parish and Catechists of Obiya Palaro the needy people of Obiya Palaro were able to hear of Christ’s coming on the 23/12/2020 and 24/12/2020 as we presented Christmas gifts to them. They were so happy that they could enjoy Christmas with their children, grandchildren and the whole family.

As the Christmas song goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year and it’s a special year indeed that we are receiving Christmas gifts (Rice, Beans, Salt, Soap, cooking oil) and we would like to thank the Parish priest of St. Mauritz parish obiya palaro and our friends from Germany for thinking about us, the needy people, because COVID-19 19 has affected our families”, as said by most needy persons.

We thank the Diocese of Münster (Bistum) for supporting the needy people of obiya Palaro, this gives hope to the needy and also strengthens their families, said by the Assistant Head Catechist Akera Alfred.