Diocese of Munster (Bistum) volunteering program started in 2019 in St. Mauritz Catholic Parish Obiya Palaro Gulu with two volunteers Johann and Idawho came to Uganda to gain experience, knowledge, skills and learn the culture of the people of Acholi in Northern Uganda.  They had a good time in obiya for eight months before the corona pandemic hit the world.  This was not good news for them when they received email that they have to go back to Germany due to the pandemic. It was a big blow to them but they had no choice than to fly back as informed but they promised to be back to their second family in Obiya.

 Obiya Palaro was their family in Uganda that they couldn’t imagine leaving it before their time of volunteering ended but later in August 2021, we were overwhelmed by their coming back To Obiya Palaro. They were so happy to unite back with their family members in obiya and also sharing with us their experience of studies in Germany. After their return they participated in our projects of which the results will benefit the community of obiya palaro.

Johann and Ida also informed us about the coming of four new volunteers who will be coming to volunteer in our project. In September 2021, we were so grateful to receive Maria, Leonie, Christine and Julia in Uganda particularly in Obiya Palaro. We thank Johann and Ida for inculcating them into obiya palaro project and the environment of Gulu city. 

The four volunteers have started learning a lot especially the language, the culture as in the dos and the don’ts, activities with the children despite the pandemic impact of school closure, farm activities and many others.  We continue to thank the Diocese of Munster for sending us volunteers to work in our project amidst the current situation of Covid-19 and thanks to our friends of Uganda-hilfe. St. Mauritz for always being together with us in all works amidst the challenges of COVID 19.

Written by:

Amito Kevin

Volunteer Mentor